The Silent Generation

The vision

The Silent Generation is a collaborative, crowd-sourced video project, dedicated to the memories, reflections and wisdom of our grandparents and great grandparents. An opportunity to document an important social history and ask the important questions while we still can. A chance to connect generations.

Using the skills and talents of a younger generation of video-makers and the global reach of social media, we want to start a movement that will capture, preserve and share the stories of an older generation.

The idea

The Silent Generation project needs you!

We want you to sit down with your grandparents, elderly relatives, friends or neighbours, ask them the questions you have always wanted to ask and with their permission, use your camera or smartphone to film their answers.

You will find some suggested questions here and look out for the themes we will be sharing on our website, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter pages.

Share the stories on social media with the hashtag #silentgeneration or send us the video links and we will feature your most inspiring or interesting stories on our website and social media channels.

The Silent Generation

The Silent Generation’ is the name generally given to the birth cohort of people born, 1945 or earlier. So called because as children, they were told to be:

‘seen and not heard’.

Growing up, they witnessed World War II, the Cold War and the economic and political instability that followed. The birth of a nuclear age and the rise of the civil rights movement. Television, Jet Engines and rock’n’roll...

The Silent Generation is our oldest living generation, it is time we told their stories.